Jai Musiq – Vacation: Anthemically Sun Soaked R&B Hip Hop

The latest track from Jai Musiq is the track that you never knew you needed on your summertime playlists. Vacation is a high vibe, sun soaked anthemic Hip Hop Rap hit that will leave you feeling hyped and at the same time wishing you had someone as awesome as Jai Musiq to invite you on holiday. A girl can dream.

Anyway, before I digress thanks to Jai Musiq’s potent romantic vibes and jaw droppingly sensational vocal offerings I need to tell you how absolutely stunning the Trap style beat is. The mix runs through a riddle of complexity which has you a little vexed by the intricacy with each kick, drop and snare of the synthesised aural bliss which constantly switches up in momentum in one of the most fluid styles I’ve heard this year. The beat is practically dripping with synergy.

I couldn’t recommend Vacation by Jai Musiq any more, so head on over to Spotify where you can soak up the summer beats for yourself. You may want to have your passport ready.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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