Jahreal releases NBA Youngboy Lonely Child Remix

Artist JahReal single ‘NBA Youngboy Lonely Child Remix’  it’s Hip-Hop essence shines through and it shows his talent to draw an insane beat together.

A rather slow-pace piece for a Rap piece, it tends to keep it’s same flat pace, as the melody takes over and tends to pick the speed up a bit when it comes to the instrumentation but within the vocal ranges it all stays similar and to the same pace, Jah has a fairly smooth voice, it’s not too harsh or too quick, it’s the perfect pace.

The way that everything combines together to create this Hip-Hop piece, to give it this infectious beat and the way the fairly slow pace soft vocals sway in and out is interesting to hear, the pace of the melody can be fast but that doesn’t mean that the voice has to be and this track proves that.

Definitely check this one out by Jahreal, it shows how far he’s come from just freestyling on Instagram to putting his talent to good use and spreading it across many other platforms.

Check out Jahreal’s single NBA Youngboy Lonely Child Remix by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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