Jahan – E Blues: Writhing Layers of Sonically-Charged Electronica, Sniping Lyricism, & Genre-Defiance

Lyrical ingenuity, magnetically textured grooves and beguiling spoken word vocals are just three of the reasons why everyone needs to put up and coming artist Jahan on their radar.

His 2018 album “E Blues” may contain ten aurally alchemic tracks, but there is no better introduction to his sound than the title track E Blues. With a prelude which kicks of in a way which will make you reminisce about Crazy Town’s 1999 hit Butterfly which progresses into an experimental weave of sonically-charged electronica accompanied by the pulls of acoustic strings E Blues is an act of genre-defiance.

The beat constantly evolves throughout the single alongside mesmeric drawl of the vocals which any fans of John Grant are sure to appreciate. Yet, Jahan’s style allows him to flirt with Hip Hop, Funk and Indie to create a soundscape that I’m fairly sure no artist has ever dared to dream before.

You can check out Jahan’s latest single E Blues along with the rest of the album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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