Jack Farrow – I’m Terrified: A Progression of Quintessentially Sweet Rock

Jack Farrow’s latest track I’m Terrified is a cloyingly beautiful mash up of Lo Fi sound and Progressive Rock with an almost Post-Punk twist. In short, it’s absolutely genius and I enjoyed every second of the mellow chord progressions that were lifted by Farrow’s vocals that were subtle yet palpably passionate. The lyrics to I’m Terrified were fairly simplistic, yet the weight that they carried will almost certainly guarantee this track will stay with you long after it softly fades out.

What sets Jack Farrow apart from other artists is the fact that he performs his music with a humble humility, there’s no Rockstar grandiosity, which you can probably guess from the title of his debut track I’m Terrified. Yet he carries the sweet quintessential loveliness through to his sound which I can’t recommend enough. I think I’m in love. Oh, and he knows his way around a guitar riff too. Contemporary Rock artists just don’t get better than this.

You can check out the official music video to Jack Farrow’s latest track I’m Terrified on YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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