Jack Berry Releases His Latest Viscerally Resonant Single “Mad Behaviour”


There aren’t many artists with the ability to make my jaded ears prick up with the first few notes of the prelude. So, that should be a fairly good indicator of Jack Berry’s deft talent when it comes to orchestrating a viscerally resounding Indie Rock hit.

“Mad Behaviour” is a single which resonates with absolute distinction although fans of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Keys, and Queens of the Stone Age are sure to find many elements of his sound to appreciate. There’s no surprise that Jack Berry’s matured and stylistic approach to Rock n’ Roll is in hot demand all across the states. His ability to carve out a mean Blues rhythm is unparalleled amongst the other up and coming artists I’ve heard in 2019, but let’s face it, with guitar licks that salaciously compelling, and a vocal dynamic as magnetic as any of the Rock greats you would care to put him against – he’s already arrived.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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