Jaayns – Stars (Stripped Back): Deepen your experience

Moderate piano chords and what to me shines like a very natural reverb are only some of the features that characterise Jaayns’ new single Stars (Stripped Back).

A piano and voice ballad nuancedly shaped in Chill music and with a light drop of Folk style, Stars (Stripped Back) persuades for its pureness of sound and silky smooth melody, producing that kind of atmosphere that necessitates candle lighting to deepen the experience. You’d likely be laying on a bean bag while appreciating Jaayns playing live, who would provide an undoubtedly relaxing show.

The lyrics unfold a beautiful metaphor about people being stars who hide instead of shine, almost as if disguising their inner beauty giving in to the negatives, without realizing that “what we are is burning” probably way more quickly than we think.

The track’s song-writing style is definitely unique, somehow even alternative, and brings the listener to want to explore a deeper level of interpretation.

You can listen to Stars (Stripped Back) for yourself on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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