J Whit – Sound Pollution: Ingeniously Antagonistic Alt Hip Hop

There will always space for more antagonistically endearing Alt Hip Hop tracks on the airwaves, which is why we’re all too happy to place up and coming artist J Whit on our radar.

“Sound Pollution” is just one of their recently released singles which throw away the genre constraints of Hip Hop and incorporate some well and truly caustic electric guitar licks which chug in time with the Hip Hop rhythms. You can also expect to hear carnivalesque aural alchemy and even segments in the track where it all gets a bit Country.

But in reality, J Whit’s commendably experimental sound is one that could never be defined in words, which is often the case when we get the pleasure of introducing you to truly pioneering artists – especially the ones who are incredibly playful with their sound. The level of ingenuity is on par with what you could expect from Mr Bungle or any of Mike Patton’s other genre-mashing projects.

You can check out J Whit’s single Sound Pollution for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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