J Westbrook

 Releases Smooth R&B Track “One Night”

If there is one word which neatly sums up J. Westbrook it is smooth and One Night is the perfect calling card for his trademark sound. Bending soul, R&B, pop and even rootsy elements such as gospel to his musical will, here he creates a sound which somehow mixes an infectious vibrancy with a chilled groove. It soothingly encompasses you rather than confronts you, it washes over you rather than stands before you and tugs heartstrings and the very soul itself rather than work in more tangible ways.

Having spent years emerged in all genres of music and earning his musical stripes working with R&B legends, it is easy to see that Westbrook understands music, not just works with it as an artisan might but builds sonic designs just as an architect might set out to do. Late night vibes abound, energy crackles and sultry, laidback grooves all co-exist in this future dance floor classic.

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