J.Raine – #MeToo: A Hip Hop Attack on Toxic Masculinity

J.Raine’s latest Hip Hop release “#MeToo” isn’t a track which skirts around superficiality; It delves deep into the psyche and points out the flaws in society which can leave us lost.

Lyrically, the track left me conflicted, at first it almost seemed as though the title was a hijack on the hashtag highlighting sexual assault, and there was evidently a lot of contempt towards women written into the track. But once #MeToo draws to a close, you’re left with a new perspective after J.Raine runs through how hard it is for a man in a world of toxic masculinity where emotions are supposed to be hidden. Consider me sobered by the 2019 release by the up and coming artist who uses melodically ambient and dark beats as a platform for his emotively compelling single.

#MeToo is available to stream via Reverb Nation where you can revel in the deep introspection of the single yourselves.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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