J.R. August – River Runs Through: Melodically Arrestive Piano-Driven Alchemy

J.R. August has become somewhat infamous for his devastatingly soulful singles and “River Runs Through” is absolutely no exception. With a slightly extended duration, you’ve got plenty of time to get entrenched in the arrestive sentiment of the track which has been elegantly, melancholically mastered. With the multi-layers of acoustic instrumentals swelling and adding to the chemistry of the potent mix of concordant bliss. It is by no exaggeration that I’m declaring J.R. August as one of the most underrated acts I’ve come across in 2018.

His sultry edge, pensive passion, and command of concordant piano melodies combine to create an emotive soundscape which doesn’t fail to leave you sobered.

You can check out the official video to River Runs Through which is just as captivating as the single itself by heading over to YouTube. If your heart doesn’t jump into your throat by the time you reach the bridge, I’m not sure you can even count yourself as human.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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