J. Mic – Vibe : Funky Disco R&B

‘Vibe’ is the opening track to ‘OctNova’, the latest project by J. Mic.

What’s extraordinary about this track is that it sounds so unbelievably groovy that I can bet you that if you play it to anyone from your 10-year-old nephew to your 75-year-old grandmother; they would equally absolutely vibe with it.

The funk is real with this track. To be more accurate this is a funk/disco banger that one can claim it features some rapping (or some fast singing) in the verses before exploding in the anthemic, smooth chorus “I just wanna vibe tonight”. There’s this catchy bass line that grabs your body and makes it wobble, and that bridge sounds… oh so spicy.

‘Vibe’ can do great in your “Sexy R&B” playlist as much as your “Funky Stuff” one. This is the kind of soundtrack that you would be listening in “Grease” or “Saturday Night Fever” if these were 2019 flicks. But they aren’t, so be sure to head over to J. Mic’s Spotify page and stream ‘Vibe’.

You can do so here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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