J. Matthews needs to be pulled close on the essential soulful track to heal with called Wanderlust

With so many intriguing introspections and a speedy mind racing back at all those previous mistakes, J. Matthews desires his soul to be healed by an angelic wonder who is the only love he wants with Wanderlust.

J. Matthews is a USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter who has an experimental poet mentality which shall enrapture many intellects into a vortex of magnetic prospects.

Any story worth telling has its phases, its unique chapters, its unexpected twists, and J. Matts’ music captures this element through an unexpected, yet cohesive, rhapsody.” ~ J. Matthews

After growing up tough and sensing that his body is currently sinking underwater, J. Matthews searches for the truth that will set his spirit free forever on the immaculate new single Wanderlust. There is honesty in droves here and the ear-pleasing energy shows us a reflective release to ponder with and turn up for hours.

Wanderlust from USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter J. Matthews is one of the more emotionally expressive and brave soundtracks of 2023 so far. Sung with a pure purpose and drenched in so much to learn from for many who are massively in love, inside a world which has deceptive temptations lurking everywhere.

If you take time to rejuvenate, anything shall be possible moving forward.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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