J.J. Leone – Silver Lining: Urban Aural Alchemy


With his new track Silver Lining J.J. Leone proved that he’s an R&B triple threat as a songwriter, vocalist and producer. The down-tempo mesmerising R&B & Soul beat brought the genre into the 21st century. There aren’t many R&B tracks that incorporate a blisteringly beautiful guitar solo into the progression and J.J. Leone proved that, that is exactly where they are going wrong. The licks of the guitar grip you after you’ve moved through the waves of the cathartic sound within the not so quintessential R&B beats, each snare of the drum is crystal clear and viscerally poignant against the off-beat rhythms of the guitar. All that is without mentioning J.J. Leone’s evocative vocals which moved me more than any other R&B Soul track I’ve checked out this year.

If you’re looking for a smooth R&B track to add some soul to your playlists You can check out J.J. Leone’s single Silver Lining on SoundCloud now which was released in May 2018. I’m sure you’ll agree after checking out Leone’s urban aural alchemy that he has everything it takes to rise up from the underground with his prodigally pioneering sound.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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