J.A – Moment ft. Kid Indigo: Organically Stripped Back Indie Folk Pop

Kid Indigo seems to be getting about a little bit these days, and there’s no wonder why he’s taken the industry by storm with his Indie Folk Reggae approach to style which creates unrivalled serendipitous sweet harmonies. If there’s one Folk artist that is going to introduce the sound to the mainstream my money is on Kid Indigo.

With J.A’s latest track Moment you can expect to hear a vibrantly jangly Trap mix which sits at just at the right tempo to create an ethereally amiable melody. In my not so humble opinion, Moment is exactly how a Pop anthem should sound; stripped back, organic, raw and organic. The lyricism may be a little Twee, yet unlike so many other artists J.A and Kid Indigo master the sound with their synergistically styled approach to their music. The dreamy ambience created by the instrumentals of the track is more than enough to move you through the sentimentality of this blissfully redolent indie anthem.

You can check out J.A’s latest track Moment ft. Kid Indigo on SoundCloud now, any fans of Ed Sheeran, Plain White Tee’s, the Weekend and Sam Smith are going to be in heaven.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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