Izzie Derry – Lost at Sea EP: A Restraintless Release of Organic Aural Folk Endearment


While Izzie Derry’s style doesn’t offer the smoothest melodies and most polished soundscapes, what they do offer is unrestrained emotion, energy, and expression.

The up and coming artist’s latest EP “Lost at Sea” contains 5 unapologetically visceral singles which don’t skirt around issues of superficiality. Instead, the sentiment behind each track runs as strongly as the anthemics which feed through the anything but typical progressions which can only loosely be defined as Folk. There are also plenty of elements of Funk, Rock, Blues, and Country to allow audiophiles of all persuasions to find accessibility within the tracks.

I have a feeling that any fans of Julia Holter, Sharon Van Etten, and Courtney Barnett will find plenty of reasons to admire the Coventry, UK-based artists distinctive expression.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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