Ivan Ortega crosses borders and breaks boundaries with his Latin soul pop single ‘Sunday Morning’

The evolution of Latin pop has a brand-new trajectory after Ivan Ortega released their latest single ‘Sunday Morning’. Sunday may be the most sung-about morning of the week but sharing Sunday Morning vibes with Ivan Ortega’s funk-layered mix will definitely break up any weekly monotony you’re feeling. It’s a 3-minute escape into straight-from-the-soul passion paired with unforgettably mellifluous melodies which are far too tempting to resist sinking into. The staccato chords pull you in, while Ivan Ortega’s vocals make sure you stay grounded.

With hints of hip hop, reggae, r&b and pop all weaved into the cathartic high-vibe single, it’s clear that Ivan Ortega creates without restraint.

While some artists write lyrics which leave people with unrealistic romantic expectations, Ivan Ortega remains unapologetically authentic. Between the deep grooves and soulful accordance, you’ll find hints of gritty salacious passion which allows this seductively sweet sun-soaked track to resonate with realism.

Sunday Morning is available to stream on all platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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