It’sDub! – Devil Eyes: Mind-Bending Bass-Driven Alt EDM Hip Hop

There’s trippy Hip Hop, and there are mind-bending hits such as It’s Dub!’s latest single “Devil Eyes (Crash)”. Part Trap, part bass-driven EDM, the mix acts as a testament to both the US artist’s ingenuity and to their production talent.

The tonality shifts from creeping and ethereal to caustic and reverberant throughout the mix. But one thing which remains a constant is the amount of energy which has been projected into Devil Eyes which comes with plenty of rhythmic grind.

I’m fairly certain that no one who is lucky enough to stumble across Devil Eyes will be able to resist cranking up the volume and letting the violent lashings of bass leave their synapses rearranged. While it’s hard to find stark reminiscences to another artist’s in Devil Eyes, It’sDub!’s experimental approach could easily be put in the same league as Mike Patton’s.

You can check out Devil Eyes for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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