Its Never Too Late: London electronica artist James Greenfield finds the clues to redemption on ‘Returning’

Mastered skillfully at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, James Greenfield brings us a fantastic new single with a true-life feel that has such a personal soul-recovering touch to it with ‘Returning‘.

James Greenfield is a well-established London, England-based-based indie electronica artist, cat lover, neo-classical and mightily skilled multi-instrumentalist, who is making his singing debut on this fine new single.

After starting his music journey over twenty years ago whilst making tunes for computer games, this is an ever-evolving artist who is always looking to improve and be as genuine as possible.

This is the true story about finding your authentic self again after losing it in the haze of this weird world that we live in, with all the traps that can easily catch you up like mice on cheese, and keep you locked away in places you actually don’t belong.

Returning” is about how every single person on this planet has something unique and beautiful to them that underpins their true calling. We might not be conscious of it because our authentic selves get trampled by education systems that want to pigeonhole us, by people who tell us we’re not good enough, and by our own false narratives born from living in lack.” ~ James Greenfield

Sung with such class and knowing insight of a man who was once lost in the matrix, you feel calm and invigorated by his vocal delivery, which is such an ear-warming experience. With a relaxing energy which is made with scrumptious conviction – you sense that he is on an enlightening mission – to open the suffocating gates around the road to where he knows his consciousness should be.

Returning‘ from the experienced London, England-based electronic artist James Greenfield, is that follow-your-inner-intuition type of track that certainly has thinking about your own journey. This is a terrific effort and one that shows you into his new path as a vocalist, challenging himself like an Olympic athlete to break down barriers, as he helps us open our eyes to where we need to be.

You can find your destiny, if you want it enough. Being real is the only way to live and heal after all.

Hear this fine single that full of true stories of wisdom on Spotify and follow him on IG for future live show news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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