ITS CHARMZY releases single OVERTIME 4U

Artist ITS CHARMZY has dropped his latest piece ‘OVERTIME 4U’ keeping it lively, upbeat and full of energy through this smooth Hip-Hop single.

Adding in them distorted electronic style beats and voices in the first few seconds of the track, having a rather soft tone to the vocals, keeping it fairly drawn out with words and at a steady pace, the whole track gives off this rather uplifting feeling as you listen, keeping everything laid back and the same pace and pitch as the song continues.

The mixture of vocals have their differences, one is a lot quicker and turns it into a Rap verse, whereas the original tone is more mellow, always keeping that lively Hip-Hop style coursing throughout each second. In terms of the melody that plays alongside it, it’s fairly flat in places only having a slight beat that pushes through the vocals but nothing too dramatic, but it still works.

Head on over to YouTube now to listen to ITS CHARMY OVERTIME 4U.

Review by Karley Myall

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