‘It Wasn’t True’ is a tale of love that can’t be lost from Emilio Lanza

It Wasn’t True‘ is the fantastic new single from the laid-back soul of Italian singer-songwriter Emilio Lanza.

Emilio Lanza is a self-taught Italian indie-pop singer-songwriter who graduated with a university degree in engineering but music is what he loves. This passionate singer has used the skills he picked up before to transform his music into a worldly experience. He makes awesome music, filled with skill and beauty. He has experience with jazz and this shines though and adds a lovely element to the song. He is also a Certified Apple Pro with Logic Pro X and this has really helped him with the creative process in his music.

With an earthy feel and flouring with sonic and spectacular acoustic sounds, this is a love song with all the right ingredients. This is about a breakup that you don’t want to happen. All those rumors were untrue, the love must stay alive and you are confident that things will change. Your lover was avoiding and things seem rough right now. You refuse to give up and want this to work so much.

This is an experienced musician with lots of electronic beats to mix in with the finger-style acoustic music that Emilio excels at. This is a fine track and I love the sentiment and the whole sound that is projected through the whole experience here on ‘It Wasn’t True‘ from the wonderful Italian singer Emilio Lanza.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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