ISSAMWERA show us what real rhythm sounds like with ‘Issamwera’ (feat. Adrianna Ferro and Sunna Fridjons)

Bringing our healing planet a warm welcome as they look to reboot their travels after this horrific pandemic wreaked their tour plans, ISSAMWERA soothes our souls with something rather spellbindingly incredible on ‘Issamwera(feat. Adrianna Ferro and Sunna Fridjons).

ISSAMWERA is an indie Iceland-based 6-piece band that performs African, Latin and Jazz rhythms to captivate audiences wherever they play live.

Formed by Yara aka monace, the inspiring Mozambican-born Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, when she started missing the vibe of her beautiful home country. She then brought in bassist Andres, the Argentinian-Icelander, Cheik, the Guinean-Icelander and Kwami, the Brazilian-Icelander on percussion, with Ellert on keys and Ingo on guitar, as the band was now complete with the two locals making this a truly international outfit.

The band’s name comes from blending the meaning of two words: “Issam-wera”, which is a word from Sena a language from Beira, Mozambique, that means “to come”, Mwera referencing the Mwera tribe in North Mozambique, and”Samvera” from the Icelandic language, meaning “togetherness.” Uniting all these meanings to place Issamwera as being “welcomed.” ~ ISSAMWERA

Shaking our earlobes alive with a magnificently unique energy that is perfect for music festivals, ISSAMWERA displays a tight performance that is absolutely magnetic and might take your breath away. This is a cinematic single that shall get you in the mood to groove and dance all your worries away.

Issamwera(feat. Adrianna Ferro and Sunna Fridjons) from Iceland-based 6-piece Afro-Fusion band ISSAMWERA, is a superbly authentic single that takes you into a world that is packed with a genuine vibe that grabs your attention with wonderful aplomb. They connect so naturally and this is something rather special, that needs to be heard all over the world. It’s that good.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and check out their IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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