Isaac Riddle – Summer Hangover: Sun-Soaked Melancholic Hip Hop

Finally, a Hip Hop artist who isn’t just versing under pretence that summer is nothing but sun, sea, and a sickening excess of alcohol. It’s safe to say Grease would be a totally different film if Isaac Riddle was put in charge of the soundtrack. Isaac Riddle’s single Summer Hangover is one that is blistered in sun-soaked melancholy, yet thanks to the beat the track overall has a euphorically up-vibe feel. Isaac Riddle’s clever, highly resonant lyricism will completely change your view of summer love songs forever whilst the multi-layer beat hits you with plenty hooks and a perfectly fluid Trap progression to allow you to feel the full momentum of the track.

The Chicago based up and coming artist has a stand out style which proves his sound doesn’t belong on the underground. Isaac has also recently dropped his latest EP ‘the Prequel’; the first track has proven that he’s taken his soundscapes even further. A lot of R&B Hip Hop artist attempt to pack a lot of emotion in their tracks. Yet, it’s evident that it just flows naturally from Isaac.

You can check out Isaac Riddle’s single Summer Hangover which was released in July 2018 on SoundCloud now along with his most recent releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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