Irish folk/rock act Corner Boy shows us why the lengthy walk is worth it in the end on ‘Blackstairs Winter Snow’

Released from the much-awaited upcoming debut album due in October 2022, Corner Boy opens up the door and takes a long walk to find that true love that shall help you propel your soul into that calming content place on ‘Blackstairs Winter Snow‘.

Corner Boy is an Irish 6-piece indie folk/rock band who have put 18 months of hard work into this new project after previously touring many miles to get their music known.

For almost a decade late-night driving, couch surfing and service station dinners fuelled Corner Boy’s ever-evolving foot-stomping ramble through the many pubs, clubs, rooms and ruins of every shape and size up and down Ireland and further afield.” ~ Corner Boy

Displaying that rare quality that you only feel when you close your eyes and completely let yourself free into their dynamic music, Corner Boy show us that true class and brings the world a special song to wholeheartedly embrace with love.

Tying in with the song’s message, the video subtly explores the idea of going to any length or distance for the ones you love. As much of a mental journey as physical, we think the video and its central characters’ peculiar little odyssey personifies this experience in an interesting way accompanied with some beautiful imagery of Ireland thrown in for good measure.” ~ Corner Boy

Blackstairs Winter Snow‘ from Irish 6-piece indie folk/rock band Corner Boy, is a stunning video that shows you what to do if you truly love someone enough. Sung with incredible passion and performed with such stylish precision, this is a track that shall bring you to a highly reflective mindset. After all, the expedition may be long, cold and hard at times that soak your frigid feet, but it is ultimately worth it if you feel like this is the human of your dreams.

See this deep music video on YouTube and find out more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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