Irish electronic artist Ilsantino feels it close tonight on a sterling tribute with ‘Everything (Studio 54 Mix)’

Displaying everlasting love for a classic club that has been entrenched into our minds forever, Ilsantino rivets our senses alight with his new single that will get you moving and grooving on ‘Everything (Studio 54 Mix)‘.

Paul Nolan aka Ilsantino is an Irish electronic artist, singer-songwriter and music blogger who shows his love for synthpop in most of his creations.

The music video is a homage to the infamous Studio 54 nightclub which had an indelible impact on the music, fashion, and pop culture of late-70s New York and also played a huge role in shaping the pop aesthetic and musical landscape of the 1980s.” ~ Ilsantino

With a stunning landscape that has been cultivated so purely by a master of his chosen craft, Ilsantino sends the world a fitting tribute on a track that will invoke many memories – for those who had a chance to visit this classic venue – or heard of its magnificence that shall live on forever.

Everything (Studio 54 Mix)‘ from Irish electronic artist Ilsantino, sizzles just right and get the speakers blaring into an 80s inspired whirlwind that shall get you off the couch and onto the sweaty dance floor again. This is a feel-good anthem that has been made with an ode to the past that has defined a generation of party fans that still look up to this legendary venue that changed so many lives.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more via the FB page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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