Iran Iran shakes us wide awake on Form is temporary, Shitness is Eternal

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From writing disgusting riffs in their sleep and stumbling on stages all over the UK, Iran Iran shows us their metal with a hardcore track that has been built with a thrill-a-second thunderbolt called Form is temporary, Shitness is Eternal.

Iran Iran is a UK-based indie rock outfit who has just dropped a hammer-like single to smash windows and change lives forever.

Will likely continue in the Riff Delivery game until their bodies give out or the world catches fire—whichever comes first.” ~ Iran Iran

Recorded at Joe’s Garage and Trap Door Studios by Tom Peters and Joe Garcia, Iran Iran is a deafening song of potent intent that might rattle your vibrating teeth and cause you to swiftly call your dentist tomorrow morning.

We’ve been making very loud noise in the UK DIY rock scene for years, since opening for You Slut! At the Stag and Hounds, Bristol, in 2013.” ~ Iran Iran

Form is temporary, Shitness is Eternal from the UK-based indie rock group Iran Iran is a hugely powerful song that is crammed with a heavy force that shall snap the sleepiness from your soul. There is a mighty style on offer that has you in instrumental heaven, that is urging us to be better after all the evil that took over the world.

If you need some inspiration to be alive again, this is it.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more on the IG music page.

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