ION leaves his mark as he forges through despite the frosty cold on ‘Jon Snow’

Dodging the ice with his wheels on tight and his mentality sharp from all the possible storms, ION keeps his positive spirits into the good energy vortex and far away from the bad vibes that can cut your confidence apart on ‘Jon Snow‘.

ION is a Kosovo-born indie-trap solo underground artist and music producer who grew up in the mountains which allows his mind to be free and clear with ideas.

Whilst I was always an abstract thinker, I believe that being exposed to the pure environment of nature has really helped to develop my desire to express artistic ideas.” ~ ION

Striding strongly upwards as others stumble and slide treacherously downwards into the rocky danger that can threaten your life, ION brings us a harness-filled underground track that has you inspired to never give up no matter what detours have distracted you from all those goals you wish to achieve.

Jon Snow‘ from the Kosovo-born indie-trap musician and producer ION, is an atmospheric soundtrack that has you reaching high and leaving all the past doubt behind. With many enemies looking to take advantage of your downfall – this is an anthem that urges us to keep the harness tight and rope in good condition – so we can fully flourish and reach the top of any challenge.

See his brand new music video on YouTube and view more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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