Introspective storytelling from 8udDha bl0od with new song: ‘’xXx!i + XxX!i!: M.:.Y lUck 8R!ng U5 .:. MiR.:.cl3’’

I think I’ll go .no smoke or drink, I have a vape. ‘8udDha bl0od’ is in a different zone with this single. Once again, it’s completely different to any other release- which carries on their proud variety tradition.

This is a thoughtful single, a song about reflection, over-thinking and sadness. They switch things up halfway again and add more of a Californian-type melody, country and western almost. This effort questions faith and being a bit lost sometimes in this confusing world. 

‘8udDha bl0od’ are in imperious form once again and continue to deliver music of an unimaginable standard. The lyrics are dark and moody, just like a winter day in Brighton I’d imagine. This is best listened to when you are in a bit of a mood and need to play loud music for a while to find yourself again.

Catch more of the English boys with a big future on their SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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