Intellessence’s Arrestingly Mesmeric Latest Single “Hope”

Fans of rich, and melodic soundscapes are going to want to check out the arrestive capacity of the latest album “Essence” from the up and coming solo recording artist and producer Intellessence.

Whilst each of the singles is as velvety and hypnotic as the last, the romantically soulful acoustic single “Hope” really caught our attention due to the instantaneously accessible appeal of the single.

It’s all too easy to allow the lyrics which are tinged with melancholy and quintessential charm to resonate thanks to the familiarity of the sound. Yet, there’s enough distinguishing factors to make Hope distinctively organic. If you could imagine a sweeter, harmonious acoustic alternative to Shoegaze, you’d be close to having an idea of how Intellesscence orchestrates his mesmeric sound.

You can check out Intellescence’s single Hope from their latest album by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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