Instagram Post Ideas for Artists

Social media is an arena where independent artists frequently choke up and stumble. Writing the best lyrics and melodies almost seems easy compared to attracting an attentive and engaged audience – that is before we even start with how platforms quash the reach of some artists posts.

If you’re struggling with post ideas, we’ve outlined 5 of the top Instagram post ideas for new artists. However, It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating the best content for YOUR audience.

Some audiences would love nothing more than seeing a cat sitting on an amp, while others will appreciate behind the scenes footage in the practice room more, and others will prefer a lengthy blog post that shares your values.

  1. Let Your Audience See Your Creativity

It’s one thing for your audience to experience your music while watching you play a venue or listening to your music on vinyl or Spotify. It is quite another for them to experience a more intimate side of your expression.

This is one more opportunity for you to get creative; you can post a video of you performing cover songs; acoustic renditions of your music; you can show your talent however you see fit; after all, it was your talent that drew them to you in the first place. Flaunt it.

  1. Find Your Sense of Humour

A sense of humour has always been key to social media success; if your creativity has a comedic side, use it to your advantage. You can customise music-related memes that will be relevant to your audience; you can write funny posts or even film funny short videos – if you are feeling brave enough. You don’t always have to be earnest to be taken seriously by your fans; staying humble goes a long way!

  1. No One Likes an Independent Enigma

If the idea of attempting to be funny on social media makes you feel a little uneasy, or you get the impression that your fans are expecting more intimacy, give it to them – not in a creepy way.

Many artists get applauded for their open, honest and unifying approach to connecting with their fans; we’re not saying that you have to air your dirty laundry in public. You can always find ways to express your values on social media to make it easier for your audience to connect to you as a person instead of just as an artist. Don’t worry about alienating potential fans by expressing certain views; people look to artists as thought leaders, and your honesty will be infinitely more valuable and powerful than sheepish silence ever could be.

  1. Give Exclusive Content

Ahead of your official releases, give fans teasers of what is to come by going live in the studio or your practice room.  It’s a great way to keep fans engaged leading up to a seminal release and the perfect opportunity for you to show some personality and flaunt some of your gear to your fellow gearhead fans.

  1. Let Your Audience Get Involved

Communication is a two-way street; increase your engagement by giving your audience a reason to be vocal. For example, you could post a picture of a new piece of gear bragging about it. Or, you could post the picture and ask your fans what their gear preferences are. You can also allow your audience to give you creative input on things such as album art; they will feel as though they have been a positive influence on your life and your music.

A major learning curve for many new independent artists is that you can’t expect to take and give nothing in return to fanbases. Find ways to reward your audience’s social media loyalty by holding exclusive giveaways for your most avid fans – it doesn’t even have to be a major giveaway; an exclusive digital download will do!

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