Inland Empire’s pop/rock artist Ravery Moore drops debut release about those striking green eyes with, ‘Kimberly Olivar’

Ravery Moore Kimberly Olivar

Sensing that the flame shall be reignited despite the lost feeling right now, Ravery Moore misses those sweet kisses and her soft blonde hair on the call for that romance to blossom again on, ‘Kimberly Olivar‘.

Ravery Moore is an Inland Empire, Southern California-based alternative pop/rock singer-songwriter who is a new name on the local music radar.

It’s about a girl called Kimberly who plays a guitar down the silver sunrise.” ~ Ravery Moore

Showing so much courage to bring forth such an unpretentious song that could either make or break a possible reunited relationship, Ravery Moore sings with contemplative energy as the allure of a former lover is too much to hold in any longer.

I started making music or tunes in high school, but only recently have been professionally making them.” ~ Ravery Moore

Kimberly Olivar‘ from Inland Empire, Southern California-based alternative pop/rock singer-songwriter Ravery Moore is that sweet call for this past love to start up again. After feeling a horrid cold breeze that makes Ravery miss her even more, we are carefully placed into a picture of guitar-filled romance that is totally honest and rather descriptive.

With emotional vocals projected, this is a song to play loud when you are missing that special soul who makes your heart bounce frantically like no other feeling you have ever felt in your life.

Pre-save this top new single on Distrokid that is due for release on 27th May and see more news on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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