Ink The Octopus – Love Currency: Accordion-fueled Electronic Alternative Rock

Ink The Octopus

Ink The Octopus on their new song called “Love Currency” present an alternative rock track full of electronic beats. Let’s dive into it.

Ink The Octopus is a band from Brooklyn, NYC that apparently loves to blend electronic music with guitar riffs. And the outcome sounds quite nice. On “Love Currency” we hear an electronic beat that sets the tempo, some bluesy guitar licks every now and then that add another flavor to the song. The real deal is the accordion though; I can’t imagine what the song would sound like if its melancholy wouldn’t be there. The song also features some mellow vocals which sing about road trips and the sunlight, among other things.

We have a few elements here that the combination of which gives birth to one very edible result. Some musical aspects that one could be skeptical that they wouldn’t work combined. But eventually they do, all together they make this slightly pale yet sweet song.

Listen to “Love Currency” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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