Indigo Youth – Neon Lights: Delicately Domineering Indie Synth Pop

Creating the perfect track is no easy feat, but Indigo Youth’s latest track with its sweet succinct sound comes pretty damn close. You don’t need me to tell you Indie Pop is huge right now, so to shine above the rest is a commendable achievement. Neon Lights is a track you can listen time and time again, with each play you unravel the complex layers of their contemporary, synthy Pop sound.

It seems unfair to compare Indigo Youth to any other band out there but fans of Angel Olsen, Alex Cameron, Yuck and Pavement will love the Lo-Fi sound that’s wrapped up in this track by the sensational Indie artists. There’s a hint of romantic sensibility to the band’s music, making it instantly resonant, not in an overbearing Taylor Swift way, but through subtlety sublime harmonies which are carried by the vocalists delicate yet domineering ability as a natural performer.

Neon Lights is only the second single released by Indigo Youth, it’s now available to download or stream across all major platforms.

Check out Neon Lights on YouTube using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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