Indie Pop Artist ‘Cappellino’ Releases Newest Album Ghost Town

This is the definition of good music!!!

U.K. music sensation Robert Cappellino, who also goes by the stage name Cappellino, has finally released his highly anticipated album titled Ghost Town.

Cappellino became passionate about music at a very young age, and began performing in bands around his home town of Watford as a teenager. With loads of years put into improving his music craft while playing with countless bands, he finally came into his own in 2015 and released his debut EP.

The U.K. native spent the following year writing and recording songs for his debut album which was released just days ago. Listening to the album closely, one easily gets to see that the album Ghost Town was basically written about a painful break up experienced by Cappellino, and his journey of self discovery without the relationship.

There’s everything to love about this awe-inspiring album as it’s got an infectious melody, superb instrumentation and a beautiful vocal delivery that transports you to the ethereal realm. In addition to that, every track on the LP contains lyrics that are relatable, personal and honest.

The fourth track on the album Ghost Town, is a sad song that doesn’t drag you down the path of melancholy owing to the theme of the song, but lifts you with its delightful melody, smooth vocals and instrumental that gets you bouncing while still being introspective.

The story continues on the track Love Is All I Want, a song with an enchanting melody, great backing vocals, a peppy dance-able beat, and a voice as smooth as Craig David’s in his prime. Here Cappellino makes it clear love is all he yearns for. Subsequent songs on the album also bear intricate compositions and powerful crescendo that’s sure to have a profound effect on listeners.

The Things We Knew Before, My Heart’s In The Wrong Place, and The Better all tell the tale of the supposed break up and show how much progress the artist has made since waking up and coming out of the unprogressive relationship.

Teeth & Tongue, Mirror The Verb and Steps all bear powerful rhythms and impressive guitar strums. The final song Best Intentions, closes the album in grand style with its elegant sound, thanks to its well crafted beat accompanied by beautiful guitar jingles.

Ghost Town by Cappellino is indeed a masterpiece from an extraordinary artist, who does well to perfectly fuse indie pop and electro pop on this magnificent album we are certain you’ll love and get a satisfying listen from.

The album is now available for your streaming and downloading pleasure on all major media platforms. It is also available on limited edition splatter vinyl. Cappellino will be performing throughout out 2018. So be on the look out, as your city just might be his next stop.

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