Independent Artist T22 releases “Svddnly I Just Can’t Breathe”: Southern Comfort a loop!

T22 excels in this particular style of hip-hop and his southern drawl lends no end of charm to an already classy production. To call this track only hip-hop seems slightly disingenuous as he has used a number of creative sounds within the mix of the song including a classic rock distort on the electric guitar as a riff, and it is hypnotic. His lyric, and the performance of it is gut-wrenchingly real and honest, reminding me of musical influencers like Lil Nas X, blurring the lines of popular genres with ingenuity and boldness. Using youth and vitality to break down walls and bring audiences together through relatable, familiar topics.

Tracks like this blow our minds but they shouldn’t. Music, like language is ever evolving, ever changing, ever morphing just as our societies do. Trailblazers like T22 are leading the charge, is on the cutting edge of what is hot right now, and is worth keeping a close eye on.

Tell us what you think about “Svddnly I Just Can’t Breathe” which is available to listen to now via DISTROKID. Enjoy!

Review by Susan Harriott

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