Incomer – Sensuality: Who Says Synth and Grunge Don’t Mix?

Traditionally, you’d associate Grunge with sludgy, heavy, beautifully distorted instrumental reverb and gruff vocals yet, the up and coming Alt Rock collective Incomer have proven that they’re anything but traditional in the orchestration of their sound.

The vocalist has refreshing antagonistic bite to his vocal range, the reminiscence between his and Placebo’s vocalist didn’t slip by me, but in terms of the sound, there are very few acts who you could put against them who hold any true comparison. There is an almost unholy amount of progression riddled into the track and orchestrated by the powerhouse of instrumentalists who use key elements of a myriad of genre’s and fuse them together for an ethereally organic effect.

After you’ve heard the instrumentals reaching their climax in one of the tightest break-downs contained in an Experimental Grunge track, there really is no denying that Incomer are one of the best Alt Rock acts on the underground today. The mix of synth with the traditional instrumentals and classical strings has a viscerally captivating effect which will make sure that long after Incomer’s latest track Sensuality fades out, you’ll still be feeling it.

You can check out Incomer’s latest single Sensuality for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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