In Memory: East London’s Drawn Tide gets inspiration from the ‘Wild Ocean’ (feat. Kofi1:11) as she remembers the ones that are in a better place

Featuring a soothing background of the ocean seas that is intertwined graciously with deep rap flows, Drawn Tide swims out of the ‘Wild Ocean‘ of her mind (feat. Kofi1:11) with a captivating dream of a track, that is all about losing those much-missed friends and family that are sadly gone but never forgotten.

Victoria Halliburton aka Drawn Tide, is an enchanting East London-based teacher, painter and indie hip-hop/electronica musician, who puts her whole creative energy field into making special music that helps to heal the wounds of the world.

Her soulful tone meshes so well with the conscious raps and artistic ambiance here, as the beat has you thinking so deeply about those that you wish were still around. You thought that they would be here a bit longer, as you want to ask them so many questions about their life. The world is a harsh place, so you have their memory to guide you still as you recall those moments together.

Wild Ocean‘ (feat. Kofi1:11) from East London’s multi-talented Drawn Tide, is a special song that breaks into your mind as you remember those close souls who you adored so much – that sadly passed away too soon – as you think deeply of their memory, whilst doing your utmost to do them proud in your own way.

Breeze into the wonderfully created music video on YouTube and see her IG for more beautiful visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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