In Loving Memory: Rae Kelly sends a truly loving tribute with ‘Idir Eathara (The Space Between)’

After soaring our curious minds to unheard of new levels with ‘Ignorant as Icarus‘ late in 2020, the wonderful Rae Kelly is back once again to lather our hearts with remembrance love of the lost, but never forgotten on ‘Idir Eathara (The Space Between)‘.

Rae Kelly is an elegant Dublin-born indie alt jazzy-pop songwriter, composer, film score enthusiast and future masterchef who is now based in cozy Hertfordshire in England. She performs with that rare class and fuses in her fine taste and determination to do things the right way, into a tasty music mix that has your stomach growling for more.

”’Idir Eathara’ is an ancient Celtic term that describes a boundary as neither one place nor another, but the space between the two. This is my first instrumental release and was written in loving memory of my grandparents and Great Uncle Joe, who passed away suddenly within 3 weeks of each other in 2016.” – Rae Kelly

The sadness but ever-lasting memories are intertwined into this gorgeous melody, as the lovely single takes you to a reflective place that has you shedding a tear, but adding strength as you find a way to keep their names and faces into your soul forever.

Idir Eathara (The Space Between)‘ from the terrific Dublin, Ireland-born musician Rae Kelly, shows us the way to heal through music, as she takes us on a peaceful journey to mend her heart through music and has achieved a wonderfully created song, that will be absolutely timeless for years to come.

Stream this stunning new single on YouTube and see her delicious flapjack cookies and Oli the cat-saving-from-the-dishwasher adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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