Imelda & Clyde – The Guide: Who’s Your Favourite Pop Ethno-Jazz Duo?

Before I listened to Imelda & Clyde – The Guide I can’t say I had a favourite Pop Ethno-Jazz Duo, but I certainly do now.

Their standout style is tangible from the very first verse, there’s infinite momentum in the constantly bounding beat that drive you through the track as you get increasingly more caught up in the experimental rhythms and domineeringly laid down vocals from the two artists. What more could you expect from any track than attitude, bounce, and soul? You can almost trip over the Funk and groove that the beat to The Guide contains. There’s an overwhelming sense of dramatics to the instrumentals whilst Imelda’s astoundingly powerful vocals sit atop the cacophonic keying, Clyde’s vocal’s quite literally follow the lead to Imelda’s vocals in The Guide which translated into one of the most empowering tracks I’ve heard this year.

Check out Imelda & Clyde’s latest track which was first released on April 5th, 2018 on YouTube now

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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