I’m Way Too Scared Of Heights: Spray Allen need those soothing finger tips on the back to relax as they avoid ‘Sabotage’

Skillfully made at the legendary Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, Spray Allen open up the music sprinklers with one of their mind-blowing twenty-six tracks formed on the groovy soul-cleanser called ‘Sabotage‘.

Spray Allen are an exciting US-based indie four-piece supernatural desert-borne peyote rock band. They are a massively talented outfit who bring us a delicious taste of gritty music vibrations, that has your head nodding and your feet tapping in overwhelmed delight.

Formed by Eric Wilson (Sublime) and Wade Youman (Unwritten Law), from the ashes of 2020’s chaos comes a new awareness of ourselves, and the birth of an unstoppable force.” ~ Spray Allen

You feel his excellent vocal delivery shine brightly with a brilliant band of the highest quality imaginable. There is such a likable rhythm here and you sense that they have so much ravenous hunger – as this is world class music which is perfect for those hazy summer festivals – while their relaxed demeanor sparks up a mellow energy field to munch on, which only seems to get better as the track progresses.

Together they have delivered a monstrous 26 song behemoth destined to raise the consciousness of both the old weary traveler and the hybrid youth of today. In a nutshell, this band is part supergroup, part modern day Heaven’s Gate Cult, minus the human sacrifice and group suicide, although “Human sacrifice isn’t off the cards completely” says Youman, “we just haven’t found it to be necessary… yet. For now, all we need is love, wine, and each other.” ~ Spray Allen

Sabotage‘ from the pleasingly soulful four-piece US rock act Spray Allen, is that forget-everything anthem we all needed. After a rough time in the world, this is a heart-lifter as we look for the stars to guide us. Hopefully its not a mirage, as we all deserve a glass of wine and a decent nights sleep.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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