I’m Alone: Nyack-based rocker YQ Reed must let go before its too late on Unknown

In command and ready to lead no matter what the consequences, YQ Reed has come way too far to let it go now on the powerful new single with intent called Unknown.

YQ Reed is a Yonkers, NY-born indie alternative punk-rock solo singer-songwriter who is now based in Nyack, NY and seems to make anthems for breakfast.

With a growing fanbase he has released multiple albums, including “Libra Love” and “The Voyage,” and continues to impress fans with his sincerity and unforgettable sound.” ~ YQ Reed

Spreading himself across the globe and enchanting all listeners with something rather illuminating, YQ Reed breaks the chains and shows the world that he is ready for new adventures. Sending our minds into an overload of emotions, we find a delightfully intriguing sizzler to unwrap for its pure energy.

Unknown from Yonkers, NY-born indie rock solo singer-songwriter YQ Reed is a top-quality soundtrack for anyone who needs to get out of that cosy bed right now. Sending our emotions for a ride and inspiring many to open the locked door, this is an outstanding delivery which will open up many eyes to what is possible.

Listen closer on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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