ILL Payne – “Wasted Time”

When the ember in the life of that special person you thought you can’t live without smoulders, only then will you realize that you’re even the person that made them special by being in their life in the first place. Once that good feeling wanes it then become all hard feelings and time for regrets just like that what’s been preached in this song by the artist.

For more clarity on what’s packaged in this song, just think of such music collaboration that’s got a lot of featured artists like T-pain, Acehood, Meek and many others without that Dj Khaled’s “Another One” loud shout being heard throughout the four minutes play time of this song. This somewhat bears the same musical resemblance to Khaled’s work but rather on a slow beat which is quite cool because it helped to further smoothen the flow of the song.

While this might be a nice get-back song to an Ex-lover (even though the artist vehemently denied that fact that it is), it’s also one hell of a song with a very funny lyrics. You’d rather wear a smile on your face whilst you listen to this song when you keep your focus keenly on the lyrics than flaunting how you concur with Payne’s message with such a facial expression that’s smooched in despair. Payne really has a good sense of humour and it’s all glittering when you take a quick look at the lyrics of the song.

Payne’s style of rap is also interesting and how clear his punch line comes off makes this song very enjoyable to sing along to. The catchy chorus of this song and its cool hip-hop sound coupled with the funny lyrics it has makes it very hard not to like this song.


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