I’ll Give You My All: Nigerian RnB artist Vung knows that without her he’d surely lose on ‘Sincerely Yours’

After dropping his debut LP named ‘Sincere‘ recently, Vung shows his respect for that special person in his life which wholeheartedly completes him with the love-sprinkled new single called ‘Sincerely Yours‘.

Vung is a twenty-years young Nigerian-born indie singer-songwriter, who is a former hip-hop artist, now fully in the RnB world. He makes an enticing blend of perfectly toned music to slow dance to, and has a superb voice which shows off his growing class.

This is the true story about knowing deep inside your stomach that you are fully into a truly unique person, who you seem to fall in love with more and more, each time that you are around their graceful presence. Your heart seems to glow and heat up when you hold hands, as your smile beams with joy that you have found such a genuine person to share your life with.

Sincerely Yours‘ from the youthful Nigerian RnB artist Vung, is that striking single which shows you his love for this true soulmate. His vocals are soothing and fresh, which has you feeling like he is in his prime right now. This is a candle-lit romantic cuddle-close single for those late-nights with your lover – as you sense his effortless energy – that seems to transmit an air of excellence all over this new single.

Stream this fresh new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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