Icelandic artist Ari performs melodically arrestive alchemy with standout single “Crossfire”

Somethings will stick with you forever, and it’s likely that you will add the first time you hit play on a track from up and coming artist Ari onto that list of experiences which deserve perpetual mind space.

It isn’t very often I will get to describe a soundscape as stunning but with the standout single “Crossfire” from Ari’s second album “Radikoj” it feels like an understatement. Every cell in my body stood to attention for the melodies found within the Icelandic artist’s single Crossfire, just as it did with the rest of the 10 track album.

If you could imagine an aural meeting of the sounds of the Beatles colliding with Elliott Smith, Amanda Palmer, Beck and a honky-tonk piano, you’ll almost get an idea of what to expect from Crossfire. There are very few artists who possess such an ethereal vocal talent, so, when I found out that it is Ari’s intention is to complete one more album then call it quits, I was suitably devastated.

You can check out Ari’s 2nd album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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