Icelandic alt-rock 5-piece Atomic Annie orchestrated a sonically frenetic hit with ‘What If?’

Atomic Annie’s latest scuzzed-up alt-rock track, ‘What If?’ matches the fervent chaos of Rage Against the Machine and exudes all of the salacious appeal of The Velvet Underground. The Icelandic 5-piece’s sonic twist on hard rock is easily one of the best Independent rock releases of 2021; the energy is enough to take the soundscape off this stratosphere.

With the level of sex appeal cranked up to 11 to match the dial on the over-driven fuzzy guitars that sear through arresting solos that make Slash sound sedate, this fuzz-rock anthem deserves to go viral.

Atomic Annie is clearly one of the most promising up and coming alt-rock outfits contributing to the airwaves in 2021. They’ve got the talent and finesse to appease the classic rock snobs and a veraciously eclectic feel to draw in any fans of that unparalleled feeling of hearing a sound for the first time and being welcomed to a brand-new tumultuous aural world.

Check out Atomic Annie on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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