I Never Sleep: Texas emcee Raheem Jamaal brushes off the haters and reaches for the top shelf on ‘Grindin Hard’

With the right mentality entrenched into his mindset to truly succeed and find that elusive long-term success, Raheem Jamaal returns to our speakers with his new single that will have you evaluating your effort levels on ‘Grindin Hard‘.

Raheem Skinner aka Raheem Jamaal is a street-wise Dallas, Texas-based indie hip-hop artist. He makes that old school feel-conscious music — that is about real life situations and far away from that fake car, money and girls type of vibe —  that has been done way too many times and tastes like sour milk.

This is the relevant story about evolving always and never holding back, no matter what. The wise self-awareness needed to avoid hanging out with fools, as that is unwise no matter how much it hurts to turn away from former friends.

You feel his passion to be better than before and his smartly penned rhymes has you feeling positive about what is actually possible, away from the doom and gloom that stacks up the easily puppeteer-moved news cycle.

Grindin Hard‘ from the truly conscious and uplifting Dallas, Texas-based hip-hop artist Raheem Jamaal, shows us a hard working visionary who puts the hours in, day by day. He feels like he is so close fulfilling those burning desires and dreams, which has him waking up quickly like a hungry cat each day. The new mindset is putting him in a happy place, with quality bars locked in too, that has you mightily impressed with this supremely skilled emcee.

Stream this top single on Soundcloud and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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