I Learned To Speak With My Body: AlexanderX flies away into the beauty away from the storm on ‘Give Me Life’

Blessing us with a wonderfully euphoric chorus which might remind you of Kygo or Calvin Harris, AlexanderX strides in purposefully to elevate our soaring mindsets with a really enthralling journey up above called ‘Give Me Life‘.

AlexanderX is a classically trained pianist and dancer and EDM/pop artist. He is a multi-skilled musician who creates that atmospheric type of track, that will have you thinking a bit deeper than you do normally.

A stream of consciousness daydream about feeling the beauty of the world.” ~ AlexanderX

This is the type of transfixing song which takes you to a better place away from the madness down below, as his strong vocals hold you close and doesn’t let you go. With a sizzling beat and honest lyrics – you feel the enlightening energy transport you up above and to an air of crystal clear pureness – which the soul desperately needs.

Give Me Life‘ from the talented EDM/pop artist AlexanderX, is a show of flight-filled exuberance all about getting away from this fake rich world, and going to where the genuine hearts are. With so much pollution around us in saddening abundance, we are transported to a world away from this current divided one. Consisting of a rapturous sound and a powerful soundscape, this is a tremendous listen which takes you to where the freedom-finding birds are.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news via his IG music account.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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