I Am Here: Florida’s MasonRoseGray brings us a riveting anthem for the outsiders on ‘Rebel’

With a catch-me-if-you-can track that sizzles into your delicate palate just right, MasonRoseGray rides away with her middle finger out to anyone who wants to selfishly put her into a box to keep for themselves on ‘Rebel‘.

MasonRoseGray is a fascinating Florida, USA-based indie rock/punk singer-songwriter. Mixing in those heartfelt blues and stock full of exuberance that speeds up your mindset for the better, she makes that kick ass music that has you feeling rather rebellious all of a sudden.

I wanted to break away from the sweeter and softer side of my music and show a more rebellious side of me! As an artist I didn’t want to be put in a box or musical category. I wanted to be able to explore all creative avenues including rock n’ roll. Rebel unleashed a different part of my psych and enabled me to explore other parts of myself. Mason Rose exhibits strong raspy vocals with her electrifying energy shouting “I just don’t care what anyone thinks of me.” ~ MasonRoseGray

Her vocal ability is so unique, as you feel like you are back in time and listening to a true great. With honest lyrics that show that she is done being pegged down like clothes in the wind – this is a sassy single which has all doubters thrown far away into the distance – as the mission is rather clear. She shows much-admired strength to never give up her style no matter what, as being as authentic as possible is the only thing that should matter in this fickle world.

Rebel‘ from the terrific Florida-based indie rock/punk singer-songwriter MasonRoseGray, is that I-move-at-my-own-speed soundtrack that needs to be treasured for what it is. This is that care-free single which deserves to be played loud and proud, for a truly original artist who likes to break all the rules.

Hear this epic new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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