I, Alone Is In Need Of Constant Companion

There’s a subtle but beautiful elegance in the music of I, Alone that will always keep you longing for more.  “Constant Companion,” is a poignant song in which I, Alone guides the listener on an emotional rollercoaster of loving and losing and loving even more. The lyrics coupled with the lead vocals project a convincing tone while painting a picture of pain, heartache, and love all at once. The instrumentation teeters the line of classic rock, there’s beautiful guitar strums throughout the song that tug at the heart strings (pun intended); a strong drum cadence drives the track from solitude to climatic anger, while accent instruments dance softly in the background of this fiery track creating a passionate sound of beauty.

This song is everything but traditional and that alone is what makes it work, there’s a climatic breakdown, with an aggressively amazing electric guitar and some intense vocals which allow the lead vocalist time to strut his vocal prowess, definitely a solid performance piece. The narration is told by more than just words, it’s pure and concise instrumentation with great harmonies, and amazing talent and a song that won’t disappoint.

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