HYPERNORMAL – LA PORTLAND: Electronically Infectious Euphoria


Doesn’t the band name just get you excited? Well, if not, the Portland US-based duo’s sound is bound to invoke an infectious euphoric effect. Orbital fans are going to be in heaven with the lucidly chaotic progression of their latest single LA PORTLAND. The fuzzy, experimentally industrious Electro Hip Hop mix is sure to unite audiophiles of all persuasions through the heavy drive of the momentous mix which infuses elements of a myriad of electronically inclined persuasions. LA PORTLAND may only be two minutes long but that’s all the time they need to stamp down their clubfoot style. There may have been no lyrics behind LA PORTLAND, but none were needed, the weighted, solid drive of the digitally rendered beat carried enough of an emotive charge.

You can stream and download LA PORTLAND by heading over to Bandcamp now along with the rest of their latest 2018 EP ‘HYPERNORMAL OVERLORD CORP EP 1.0’ which was released August 4th, 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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