Hunnid Stays Focussed

Money Up is an analogy for life. It takes the idea of an imaginary bank heist going wrong because of the distractions that some of those involved let get in the way. In life there is always something in the way, something stopping you get to your goal or realise your dreams. The message here is one of persistence and focus. And although it comes from the same streets as hip-hop and rap past, this is music of the here and now, music which fuses traditional urban sounds with more exploratory and experimental sounds usually associated with ambient dance and more progressive routes.

 It’s a track that tips its hat to the past whilst shaping the future and it does really feel like a first, a bold step forward, a post-urban style that pushes beyond the rules and regulations. Ignores the fickle finger of fashion and has no time for musical guardians and narrow-minded pedants telling it what hip-hop, pop, rap, trap, electronic music or any other genre should be about.

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